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Paf Platelets And Asthma Agents Actions Supplements Htm

platelet activating factor paf acether agepc is a naturally occurring ether linked phospholipid discovered in 1972 associated with ige mediated allergic responses which has potent effects on platelet activation paf is now recognized as a molecule having a diverse range of biological effects relevant to allergic inflammation and asthma

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bronchial asthma is a disease with many unsolved problems and despite an increased availabili ty of anti asthma drugs morbidi ty and mortality from this disease are not improving it is now recognized that asthma should be considered as a chronic inflammatory disease of the lung resulting in

the development of selective paf receptor antagonists may provide a novel approach to the treatment of human bronchial asthma in preclinical animal models of human asthma paf receptor antagonists have been found to be efficacious in blocking antigen induced changes in lung function

vadas p gold m perelman b et al n engl j med 2008 358 1 28 35 purpose of the study to characterize the roles of platelet activating factor paf and paf acetylhydrolase the enzyme that inactivates paf in humans study population the population was a variety of pediatric and adult patients with different levels of allergic disease along with nonallergic controls

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vitamin b 12 the anti sulfite agent in several clinical trials supplementation with cobalamin vitamin b12 has been demonstrated to improve the overall asthma condition by reducing its severity and frequency this is especially true with pediatric asthma which is often a result of sulfite sensitivity

platelet activating factor paf is a lipid mediator involved in several allergic reactions it is released from multiple cells of the immune system such as eosinophils neutrophils and mast

the lancet occasional survey the platelet in asthma j morley s sanjar c p page department of clinical pharmacology cardiothoracic institute fulham road london sw3 6hp united kingdon background bronchial hyper reactivity is a characteristic of asthma that can be revealed by a brief period of physical exercise or inhalation of cold air or chemicals such as histamine and methacholine

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antiplatelet drug is a generic term describing agents which decrease platelet aggregation and inhibit thrombus formation antiplatelet drugs are most effective for arterial clots that are composed largely of platelets platelets are critical in haemostasis and the development of arterial thrombi

zaditen novartis ketotifen fumarate pediatric asthma prophylactic antiallergic agent action and clinical pharmacology ketotifen is a nonbronchodilator antiasthmatic drug which inhibits the effects of certain endogenous substances known to be inflammatory mediators and thereby exerts antiallergic activity

platelet activating factor also known as paf paf acether or agepc acetyl glyceryl ether phosphorylcholine is a potent phospholipid activator and mediator of many leukocyte functions platelet aggregation and degranulation inflammation and anaphylaxis it is also involved in changes to vascular permeability the oxidative burst chemotaxis of leukocytes as well as augmentation of

asthma by michael b schachter m d f a c a m asthma a condition whose incidence prevalence and mortality rate has been increasing during the past several years is a very serious health problem for both children and adults approximately 12 million adults and children now have asthma in the united states

platelet activating factor paf a substance released by basophils and mast cells in immediate hypersensitivity reactions and by macrophages and neutrophils in other inflammatory reactions it leads to bronchoconstriction platelet aggregation and release of vasoactive substances from platelets

abbreviation used paf platelet activating factor h paf was originally described as a product of ige sensitized basophils that was capable of activating platelets 3 it is now recognized that paf is a product of a variety of inflammatory cell types likely to play a role in the pathogenesis of asthma including alveolar macrophages x27 eosinophils

however in patients who take fish oil supplements the omega 3 fatty acids compete with aa for incorporation into the platelet cell membranes thereby increasing the ratio of omega 3 fatty acids aa 8 10 this is important because phospholipase a2 will then cleave more omega 3 fatty acids from the cell membrane when needing to activate the

1 platelet activating factor paf is an ether linked phospholipid capable of eliciting many of the factors of the allergic response including bronchoconstriction mucosal oedema eosinophil infiltration and bronchial hyperresponsiveness 2 a wide range of selective paf receptor antagonists have now

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summary platelet activating factor paf is known to have a wide range of biological activities in the lower airways paf has been suggested as the biochemical mediator partly responsible for the bronchial hyperreactivity which is a feature of asthma

in this minireview we refer to recent results as far as the platelet activating factor paf inhibitors are concerned at first results of organic compounds natural and synthetic ones and specific and nonspecific as inhibitors of paf are reported emphasis is given on recent results about a new class of the so called metal based inhibitors of paf

to investigate platelet functions in patients suffering from allergic diseases including asthma blood was collected from ten asthmatic patients five females five males and ten healthy controls

platelet activating factor paf is an important mediator of anaphylaxis in animals and interventions that block paf prevent fatal anaphylaxis the roles of paf and paf acetylhydrolase the

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later in the mid 20th century aspirin x27 s true mechanism of action was found and clinical tests have shown that it decreases the risk of diseases related to thrombosis a number of antiplatelet drugs have been developed and synthesized since then platelet plug forming platelet aggregation

coleus is possibly safe for most adults when taken by mouth given intravenously by iv when inhaled breathed in or when applied as eye drops however there can be some side effects when given by iv coleus can cause flushing and low blood pressure when inhaled coleus can cause throat irritation cough tremor and restlessness

keywords platelet activating factor asthma abstract paf is a potent proinflammatory mediator which plays a role in different inflammatory diseases including bronchial asthma paf is able to induce key pathogenic features of asthma and to influence the activity of cells involved in immune inflammatory process it may therefore serve as a

ginkgo the ginkgo leaf extract contains several substances ginkgolides that interfere with the action of a chemical platelet activating factor paf produced by the body paf plays a key role in triggering allergies asthma and inflammation if you have allergies you can try 60 to 240 mg of the standardized ginkgo extract daily top